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marketing automation can be simple.

dominate it in eight weeks.

and get back to innovating.


If you're reading this...

it's because you've risked it all on a great idea and it's working. The market wants more and you're ready to grow. I've been there myself—in the trenches, after hours, wearing all the hats. I know firsthand the electric atmosphere of a company ready to take off, the challenges that come with it, and the pressures to navigate them quickly.

As an early senior product trainer at a SaaS marketing automation startup, which now boasts over 250 employees, I empowered hundreds of agencies to take their digital marketing  strategy to new heights.


If you’re an agency looking to get a leg up on the competition, you’re bound to explore marketing automation. While powerful, marketing technology can seem overwhelming and drain capital if you don’t have an expert there to help you along the way.

That's where waterbear comes in. I started this company because I believe marketing automation can be simple–and if done right, can save you time, delight your market, and increase your revenue. I've dedicated my career to helping agencies like yours develop clear strategies and implement simple solutions so they can thrive in any environment they face.

Now I'd love to hear about you!

Chris Arias

How It Works

waterbear solutions

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One-on-One Training

Enjoy a customized, but structured marketing automation training course designed to leave you and your team feeling confident about operating your software. Ask me all of the questions you want while we learn together!


I’ll take care of the technical setup that can often hurt momentum when rolling out a new tool. If you need a project completed in lieu of training, I’m happy to create and manage assets within the platform for you.


I keep up-to-date on the latest strategies and insights relating to marketing automation. I’ll share these with you and apply them to meet your organization’s unique objectives, so your clients benefit from the very latest in marketing solutions.

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